Jersey Dedication to our Overagers


Captain Mike Stefanelli, Colton Culbert, Derek Williams,

Brady Becker and Ryley Cribbin

Cribbin: 4 years in the PJHL, playing 102 games and earning 171 points. Holds the single season point record with 86 points. 2019 League MVP and Provincial MVP.

Captain Stefanelli:  5 years in the PJHL and 3x PJHL Champion.  He holds Patriots records- #4 in games played (164), #2 in Assists, #1 in all-time points at 192.

Williams:  3x PJHL Champion, 5 years in the PJHL, playing 165 games

Culbert:  2014 Rookie of the Year, 2019 Playoff MVP, 5 years in the PJHL, playing 152 games.  PJHL Champion

Becker:  3x PJHL Champion, 6 years in the PJHL, playing 134 games.  #4 all-time Patriots PIM leader!

Last season played: 2019-20


Come out to our next jersey dedication on Sat. Nov. 20-

2020-21 Overagers: Blair Butchart, Troy Weber, Blair Jenkins, and Jack Birkett